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Case study Cmsimple

You have experienced this probably more than once already:
You need

  • just a small website
  • with a few images
  • a few menu points
  • some links and
  • a few files to download

Which should be

  • easy to update for the regular office staff
  • free of cost
  • but still powerful


A few years ago people would have used such heavyweights as MS-Frontpage or even Dreamweaver to produce questionable results.


Not today:

A Danish programmer named Peter Andreas Harteg  made it possible:


  • is as simple to use as an office program
  • features all the usual formatting options plus
  • click in imaging and linking and the greatest advantage
  • builds its menus automatically
  • allows easy integration and manipulation of templates

To achieve this CMSimple only needs

  • normal webspace
  • with PHP
  • no database

CIDT for legal reasons needed separate entities for the different parts of the production.

Three (and some more) websites with different layouts and partly in Arabic needed to be created and maintained as easily as possible.

Here are the results (all created with CMSimple in the nick of time)

Want to see how easy CMSimple can manage your website ?

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Welcome to CMSimple