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CMS (content management systems)

Installing and configuring a Content Management Systems(CMS)  needs a lot of background knowledge on

  • webservers (Apache, IIS)
  • databases (MySQL)
  • programming languages (PHP, ASP)

Added concerns are

  • increasing security issues
  • layout and user perspectives
  • increased access of mobile users (smartphones)

There are hundreds of CMSs out there for all possible needs. Not all of them are suitable (for your situation).

  • If you already have a basic idea of the features you might need you might want to look at the CMSMATRIX. Cmsmatrix lets you compare many features so you are able to narrow your search.
  • Another helpful website is CMSwatch.They might want to sell you books that are helpful.
  • For education purposes I have developed a PPT-show CMS (sorry only available in German at the moment)

Looking out for something suitable you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it Web-Content or the traditional business papers that I mean ?
  • Do I want to merge inhouse databases and webpresence to a webstore ?
  • What kinds of documents are my main issue, what formats are concerned (.doc, .pdf) Can the system convert / import them. Should I convert everything to one basic format. (As a rule of thumb half of the costs of introducing a new system come from documents that need to be converted)
  • How many companies use the intended system , do I know any of these, what are their experiences, references ?
  • What kind of support is there the system(professional, users, forums) ?
  • What third party modules are available / necessary for the desired task ?
  • What languages are neede, is Arabic RTL necessary ?

Generally it may be advisable to use a system that is prominent in the market.

Planning a system you might follow these guidelines:

  • The software and server costs are the lowest budget item. Depending on the size of the system the following may be a realistic guess: From your planned budget you may spend
    • 25 % on a solid planning which includes
      • market research
      • consulting by  a good company (consider us !)
      • setting up and testing on a test system
    • 25 % on software and servers including 3 year support by the product supplier
    • 25 % on introducing the new system, training your users and documentation
    • 25 % on data / document conversion, (re-)indexing , dupe-removal etc.

You will also have to consider that you will have to stick to the system for a long time the more money you invest here.

So setting up a new system is rather a question of several rounds of planning.

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